Our Garden June 1

one of the perennial beds
Here's a pictorial of our garden this week - just a few shots so you can see what we're growing in USDA Zone 7 Northeast Oklahoma - feel free to click on images to see a larger view.

Pinks, Dianthus or mineature carnations

Pink Oxalis crassipes

Moon Carrot, Sesli gummiferum

American Elderberry,
Sambucus canadensis
 Our preference for tall, dramatic plants is balanced by the need to have flowers on the ground under them.

Plus, you will see in our gardens, a strong preference for flowers that feed pollinators and birds.
Clematis jackmanii

Mexican Hat, Ratbida columnifera
Upright Prairie Coneflower

Yarrow, Achillea paprika
 For example, the Elderberry shrubs, Mexican Hat, Moon Carrot, Verbena and Yarrow in these pics.

The only places we use insecticidal soap and fungicide is on the food crops. In particular the broccolini, the grape vines and the fruit trees need to be protected from fungal infections when our wind comes from the TX gulf direction.

The brassica plants - broccoli, kale, etc. get tiny beetle holes in them when they are very tiny and the bugs are too small to hand pick.

Argentinian vervain, Verbena bonariensis


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