Tulsa Audubon Plant Sale & Habitat Tour May 30-31

Wildlife Habitat Garden Tour & Plant Sale

Sat. May 30 9-5 and Sun. May 31 Noon-5
Rain or Shine. 
Begin the tour at any garden   
Admission donation $6 Children under 13 Free

Garden Address                                        
Home - 614 N. Fir St. Jenks
      Vendor Grogg's Green Barn

Jenks Public School - Flycatcher Trail
Garden 404 E. F St. Jenks

       Vendors Bird Houses by Mark
       Jenks FFA Plant Sale
       Tulsa Audubon Society

Home 8736 S. Evanston Ave. Tulsa
     Vendors  Pine Ridge Gardens
      WING-IT Wildlife in Need Group in Tulsa

Garden 7515 S. Braden Ave. Tulsa
      Vendor Wild Things Nursery

6733 S. Birmingham Ave. Tulsa   
      Utopia Gardens
      Duck Creek Farm

Garden 4115 E. 45th St. Tulsa 
     Vendors  Missouri Wildflowers Nursery
      Oxley Nature Center

Find a Garden Tour Map & Info at www.tulsaaudubon.org or call 918 521-8894.

Volunteer during the tour & get a free ticket! 918.289.6281

Enter a drawing to win a free prize by taking your Garden Tour Program to: Grogg's Green Barn, 10105 E. 61st St. Tulsa before June 8, 2015


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