Vegetable seed planting pods?

At Lowe's today, I saw these seed pods by the seedracks. 

All the Miracle Grow seed pods in the display are for plants that require heat to germinate and I wondered immediately how many Lowe's seed shoppers would know to put a heat pad under the pods in order to be successful with them.

There were tomatoes, basil, cilantro, eggplant and a few others. If the ones on display were the other possible choices from the Gro-ables line, it would have made more sense in late-January.

For example, the lettuce, snap peas, and others that like cooler temperatures would have been a better selection.

At any rate, it's an expensive way to plant seeds though could be an ideal for some - children, beginning gardeners, anyone with arthritis in their hands, or anyone who prefers to keep their hands as clean as possible while still planting from seed.


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