TPC Members' Garden Tour

Black and Blue Salvia guaranitica

This morning dozens of members of the Tulsa Perennial Club met at Grogg's Green Barn to embark on a tour of members' gardens. Several of their neighbors also volunteered  to let us tromp through their gardens to us so in all, we visited 10 beautiful gardens.

It was 50-55 degrees all day and although the rain stopped by 10 am, it was too cold for me to linger anyplace. Here are a few of the scenes we enjoyed -

Willow-leaf Sunflower -
Helianthus salicifolius

These are two photos from the front garden at the first home where the house sat on an acre with an above ground pool, seating areas and raised bed vegetable garden in the back.
Here the homeowner was available
to answer, "What's that plant?"

One homeowner and club member
explained that the sculpture was made
from a tree that died in the backyard.

Linda Outlaw allowed us to lunch on her back deck, tour her gardens and then gave a presentation on installing drip irrigation systems.

We always feel grateful to gardeners who do the work to get their yards ready for groups of visitors - we know what it's like!
Linda Outlaw
demonstrated drip irrigation installation

Cute! solar room for holding tender plants over the winter.


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