Blooming today - Blue Chiffon, Whopper, Coconut Lime, Andrella

Hibiscus Rose of Sharon Blue Chiffon
Blue flowers in the summer garden are such standouts, especially when they can take part shade and blend in easily with the rest of the shrub border. Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon blooms and blooms every year among other shrubs. This one faces east and is shaded against the brutal western sun by a taller shrub of Mock Orange.

Whopper  Rose Begonia semperflorens
with Bronze Leaf

These Whopper begonias were introduced in 2012 and really make a splash in containers. They are one of the few annuals added in our landscape this year.

Ecinacaea Coconut Lime
Coconut Line Echinacaea is a double-flower white cone flower that has proven itself over the 5-years it has been in our garden. It has never bloomed profusely but returns every year with a dozen or more flowers that pop out in its corner of the bed.

Aster Andrella - China Aster singles
This is my first year planting seeds of Aster Andrella and they will get another chance next year since every one I put in is sturdy and blooming.

They were planted in an area that has never been cultivated before so I'm especially pleased to see how strong they are. They are said to be cold hardy to zone 2 - we shall see.


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