Perky-Pet Lighthouse Finch Feeder

No/No Solar Lighthouse Finch Feeder has solar cell in the top area of the feeder that powers an LED light to create a night time glow.  We hung it where we can see it clearly at dusk and dawn. How cool is that?
Most important is that the birds like it and since it's as cute as it can be you can have it hanging out in the yard where it's visible.
This one has an all-over metal mesh construction that stands up to squirrels - a big issue where we live. Have not seen a single squirrel on it in the week it has been up.
 No/No Solar Lighthouse Finch Feeder is 14 inches tall and
 holds 1.5-pound nyger seed.

No cleaning required, hanging handle attached. Check it out - around $30.

Here's the Perky-Pet website where you can get more information.


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