New Geranium Azure Rush from Blooms of Bressingham

As terrific as Rozanne, Azure Rush is said to be heat-loving and long-flowering perennial for half shade.

Blooms of Bressingham says, "The blooms are a lighter blue and habit is more mounding than 'Rozanne's'. Grows to 24 inches tall by 28 inches wide in sun to part shade. USDA Hardiness Zones 5-8."

Blooms of Bressingham
You may recall that Geranium ‘Rozanne,’ was the 2008 Perennial Plant Association ( Plant of the Year. The Missouri Botanical Garden grows Geranium Gerwat Rozanne, or Cranesbill, in several of their gardens. it blooms for them in St. Louis from May through July.

 ‘Azure Rush’ is lighter blue than ‘Rozanne,’ and it ambles meaning it is more compact with shorter internodes, so you'll have low-growing, mounded plants - 18-inches tall and 24-inches wide per plant.

Best with average, medium-moist, well-drained organic soil with afternoon shade. Best grown in full sun with some afternoon protection. Organic soil just means add compost to whatever you have in your garden so the drainage is good and the roots don't rot.

After the first blush of flowers, you can sheer them back for a second bloom. Feel free to remove scraggly side shoots to tidy up the plantings. Plants may be cut or sheared back to rejuvenate, shape and/or encourage additional bloom.

And the 2-inch wide flowers bring butterflies. No doubt where the name Jolly Bee came into play for Rozanne. No serious disease or insect problems.

Nice for containers and window boxes,  rock gardens, or the front of cottage gardens.

If you love blues, lavenders and purples in your garden, here's the locator for the producer


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