March Seedlings Grown Indoors

Seedlings in strawberry boxes
Starting seeds to grow your own transplants is fun. Sterile, well-drained planting mix, the correct temperature and light will help you be successful, but things come up, our attention gets diverted, and our efforts have mixed results. 

For example, I found these Raab seeds left over from a previous year and thought the germination rate would be so low that I could put a lot of them in the container. 
spindly seedlings
The light was insufficient, they were too wet and crowded.


Then, it was too cold to go outside much and we were super busy and then the seeds popped roots and leaves and well, the photo tells you everything.

Many experienced gardeners say to pitch them out and start again but I put them under lights to see if they would like to keep growing.  After all, at this time of year, we're mostly puttering while waiting for better weather.
seedlings under lights


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