Butterflies - names and photos of Oklahoma's own

Butterflies have their favorite parts of the world though their native range changes from year to year based on weather patterns.

For example, as our weather has become record-breaking hot and dry, fewer native species hang around our area. They can't find enough food to raise their young.
Before this particular weather pattern began, we had hundreds of Monarch butterflies stopping by to eat nectar, puddle, rest, lay eggs and then move on south in Aug, Sept, and October. Now their appearance is unreliable and sparse. 

I read that last year when New Mexico had a drought plus the smoke from western fires, their native butterflies went to Texas for food and water. Smart little butterflies.

Butterflies of the World Foundation, based in OK posted a list of our OK native butterflies with photos at http://www.botwf.org/page316.html. Click on over to enjoy nature's beauty, identify a butterfly in your garden and to check out the beautiful photography.


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