Snakes - Herpatology sites to identify snakes

Garter Snake Fairfax VA, CO PS
Not every state has snakes and some, such as Florida and Texas have lots! Here are some sites that provide photos and help identifying the snakes you may see in your garden or while on vacation. This list of resources should cover just about any snake you see in nature.

Savannah River Ecology Laboratory - Herpetology Program

Florida snakes
Florida Museum of Natural History

Snakes of the American Southwest
Southwestern Center for Herpatological Research

Arkansas Herpetological Society


California Herpes
California Snakes

Colorado Herpatological Society
Colorado Snakes

Snakes of the Coastal Plains of Delaware

Georgia 43 species
Georgia Dept of Natural Resources.

Idaho Snakes
Idaho State University

Indiana - Purdue University

Snakes of Western Kentucky
University of KY

Louisiana Department of Wildlife

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Snakes of Massachusetts
U Mass Amherst

Snakes of Missouri from the Missouri Department of Conservation

New York
State University of New York College of Evironmental Science and Forestry

North Carolina State University Extension

Ohio Division of Wildlife

Oklahoma has 44 native snakes
Snakes of OK
OSU Fact Sheet,%20OSU.pdf
Poisonous Snakes with photos

Pennsylvania Herp Identificaion - Snakes of PA

South Carolina
Snakes and Frogs

Tennessee Herpetological Society
East TN Snakes from TN.Gov

Burke Museum - Reptiles of WA

West Virginia
Marshall University



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