Butterflies add to my garden's beauty

The first time I read the opinion that butterflies and other animals in the garden made it come to life, I was perplexed by the thought. My focus was on improving soil, learning plants' survival needs and reading every garden book I could get through.

Now that I have more experience, I agree with that author. Gardening is about so much more than plants.

This week we have enough butterflies during the heat of the day that it is worth while to chase them with the camera. There were a couple of giant swallowtails out there, too, but they are so shy and difficult to photograph.

1st photo is Hackberry Emperor (I think). They do hang around on trees to eat sap. The hook is for a hammock and probably has sap around it.
Check these photos http://wildflowers.jdcc.edu/Butterfly.html
Do you agree?

2nd photo is a Black Swallowtail on Verbena

3rd photo is what I mostly get photos of when chasing butterflies: The flower they just left.

4th photo is a Fiery skipper on a zinnia volunteer.

Butterflies and Moths of North America  link here

Another great site to visit and browse photos is
Field and Swamp: Animals and their Habitats


Stacey said…
To me it's very exciting to see butterflies, moths, bees, any of them. I've taken to watering our retaining wall because lizards live in there. :)
Molly said…
We've had more little green lizzards this year than ever.
And, more bunnies, too.
I know the bunnies are born on our property and I'm wondering if we had a lizzard hatch, too.
Love the creatures!
Lynne said…
Great photos! Glad you included the one from the one that got away.

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