Look what's coming up

There isn't much to say since each of these photos has the name of the plant on it. Today, a young neighbor girl looked at the seedlings and said that it amazed her that each one has a different shaped leaf.
I agree. These plants are a wonder. Every one is unique.

The wind was 35 miles an hour on a 73 degree, sunny day today. After a few hours of pulling leaves off of daffodils, pruning perennials, pulling down last fall's morning glory vines and generally being a joyful gardener, I was tired of the wind, physically tired and renewed with garden spirit!


I love the rue. My friend gave me some rue seeds last fall, and you've inspired me to get them out of my seedbank and start them.
Martha said…
My little Rue plants that I started from seed in that photo are now ready to move out of those tiny cells and into little pots.

The swallowtails are going to be sooooo happy at our house this summer!

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