Garden Whimsey

We are back home from a week in Santa Cruz California where my favorite bumper sticker was "Keep Santa Cruz Weird".

I thought you would be as entertained as I was by some of the whimsical garden ornamentation we saw on our walks.

Photo: Animals surround a garden Nativity Scene
Photo: There are about 50-bowling balls in this front yard

Photo: In the center of the photo,
notice that the arbor is bed springs for a single bed.
Photo: Toto internal works
adorn a rock garden in a birdbath
Photo: A home made mailbox
Photo: This is an assortment
of blue glass and broken pottery made to simulate a stream.

I'm glad to be home to dig in my garden again. As I went around pruning today, I saw Crocuses blooming and daffodils coming up all over our yard.
Bulbs in pots are coming up in the garage and the shed.
It is almost time to start seeds indoors - we are 8-weeks from our last frost date.


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