November watering, Johnny's spring blooming bulb sale

Keep watering!

Late fall things to think about doing:
Check your hanging pots outside and beds for water needs. It is still warm enough every day that many plants still need water.
Other than the lawn, you do not have to fertilize.
Transplant, divide and replants day lilies, perennial shrubs, corms and bulbs. Plant trees and shrubs.
Move perennials so they can grow roots over the winter when they do not have to be bothered with leaves and flowers.
Hang out in this gorgeous weather and enjoy your garden as you walk around thinking about how you want to change the garden for next year.

I rarely post these kinds of commercial emails but Johnny's Selected Seeds is having a 40% off sale on spring blooming bulbs. Here are a couple of their listings.

Dutch Master Daffodils
10 Bulbs - $6.30 25 Bulbs - $11.91 50 Bulbs $20.22

Red Impression Tulips - Midseason bloom
10 Bulbs -$3.90 25 Bulbs - $8.25 50 Bulbs - $14.28

To get the discount before November 9th.
Enter code# 08-1046 (and click "apply") when you check out, or mention it on the phone when you call. Please Note: The discounted prices (in red) will not appear in your cart. The system will deduct 40% from your bulb order after you enter the special offer code. You should see your savings on the "Special Offer" line of your order summary after you click "apply".


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