06 June 2009

Lilies and Daylilies Blooming in June

A lovely single stem of pink and white Oriental Lily. Asiatics come up from a bulb on a single stem. Asiatics are easy to grow, not particular about soil and prefer to be on the dry side.
Check out Lolipop at Brent and Becky's Bulbs. This one in our garden definitely needs to be moved into full sun to get brighter color next year. (The trees grew a lot since she was planted in her current spot.)
I teach yoga at Grace Episcopal Church. After Easter last year the dried bulbs were available for adoption. This is the one I planted last summer. It's common names include Easter Lily, White Trumpet Lily and Bermuda Lily.
An Asiatic that glows pink under the red bud trees. Lots of online nurseries are having sales on lily bulbs right now. Buy a bunch of them. Plant 3 to five in a clump and space the clumps about a foot apart. The Hemerocalis Society is a good reference for Daylily information. Daylilies grow in clumps from sweet potato looking corms. They multiply and spread after a few years. This peach one was a gift from Muskogee daylily breeder, Nelson Myers. If you would like to order daylilies from Nelson or tour his home garden, call him at 918-348-1433.
Plant more lilies!

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